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Espionage 3 / Espionage 3 - does not work, hides my data, shuts down
« on: June 07, 2012, 07:29:04 AM »
I was quite excited about Espionage 3, bought it through the MUPromo. I have to say that I did not understand correctly that it would hide my data even from myself.

I had 2 dmg sparsebundles which I used to keep data encrypt and safe. I went to my dropbox, launched it, used my data, ejected the dmg.

So now I installed Espionage 3, dragged the dmg sparsebundle into it that it manages my password, that i have an easier life to use the data...

thought wrong it seems.

it then showed a moving bar indicating it was doing something. Well, actually it wasn't doing anything, just trying to show that i have space left in my sparsebundle. Not useful from a gui point of view.

Anyway, I add my dmg. What the mountpoint is I have now idea. Wasn't explained to me. Obviously I chose the dmg. Did not work. Then I selected the mother folder (where it was in). Then my sparebundle did not appear anymore in PathFinder and not in Finder either. The complete folder where I had the dmg in ('Dropbox private') disappeared because Espionage seems to have tried to hide the 'irrelevant' files.

Now I try to find out how to access my data.

When I double-click on the dmg which is unlocked, it shows my data in a 'Finder-like' window... however when I click on it, the window disappears and Espionage goes into trailing trouble, beachball of death and shuts down. Gone. I need to start it again.

Could anyone tell me how to get my data back?
If you can tell me how to use it correctly, I'm happy to try again. Else, I am just happy to get my data back and forget about the puzzling program.

Thanks, Daniel

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