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Espionage 3.6.6 on High Sierra 10.13.

Last week I posted a strange alert from Espionage when trying to unlock an encrypted folder. The volume's original name created under Espionage is "Fonts" but Espionage threw a strange alert about not being able to rename "GoogleSoftwareUpdate-" to "Fonts" (see attachment).

After putting the system to sleep and trying again 30 minutes later, Espionage opened the folder successfully and the name was correct. I chalked it up to some kind of bug in High Sierra volume naming since I had had a similar "misnaming" error on an app install volume downloaded from another developer.

Today I had two more instances of really odd volume naming behavior. In one, Espionage said that it unlocked the Fonts folder, but it was shown on the Devices list in Finder as a file and was not accessible. After retrying two times, it opened as a correctly named volume with the contents intact.

Then, after being open for something like 30 minutes, the Volume icon on the Desktop suddenly acquired a Dropbox graphic on it!  When I quickly locked the folder in distress, Espionage threw an error about not being able to access some long URL on Dropbox (unfortunately not captured with a screen grab...), but it did lock the folder.

Attached is a screen grab showing very odd Finder behavior: the Fonts volume is listed as a file and as two instances of a volume open at the same time.  Trying to eject the volumes via Finder failed (it used to work...) and the volume can only be locked from Espionage now.  After locking one of the Fonts volumes via Espionage, the other is now named "Dropbox Installer"! (see attached screen grab).

Am I seeing unstable volume handling in High Sierra, some kind of hack of my system, or is this an Espionage bug??
Please advise.

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