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OK - thanks - I stand corrected, but still feel that the process isn't clear specially as you've always prided yourselves on making software that's easy for non-techies to use. I've removed the fake disk images - they were easy to identify in my case as I've stored my real ones on a completely separate internal drive.

Thanks for your patience and I won't trouble you again... :)

OK - but the creation of fake images isn't optional - as far as I recall if you select zero as a disk space, you can't actually progress the setup - you need to select a number. If I'm wrong about that I apologise, but I'm pretty sure that's what happened. In any case, the instructions weren't clear at that point. I've now created fake disk images, but where are they and can I 'revert' that process?

Thanks again

OK - if they don't take up significant space why are you asked to allocate disk space during the set up...Also, where exactly do these Folder Sets 'live' - they're not visible in the espionage folder list - and can I be sure that if (when) I unistall espionage, all the components of the app will be removed - sorry to persist, I just like to understand exactly what software suppliers are 'installing' on my computer.

OK - I get that initially you were responding to a reasonable fear about being held at gun point and made to reveal your espionage password in making the multiple level password with 'harmless' data sets, but now we have the new plausible deniability feature which (without allowing me to decline) creates random folder sets around my disk?? Why can't I say no to this? - even if I set disk space allowed to zero I can't proceed to use espionage. It's not something I feel I need and can't even locate these folder sets on my disk to physically remove them as there's currently no information as to their location.

I appreciate that some of your users may feel this is an essential tool against all those agencies who could be after their data, but could we at least have a choice as to whether it's enabled, and a bit more information about how to undo its effects...

Thanks for listening.

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