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Thanks, a happy ending.

I first tried 'unmounting' by moving the sparsebundle file to the trash and nothing happened.
I tried double clicking and the icon seem to expand but there was no corresponding file in the desktop list seen on my finder.

However, when I used the 3rd party app PathFinder to look at my files, there was indeed a mounted disk matching the name of my sparsebundle file. This was not visible on my Finder window for some reason (I did use the iVisible and, later, the Cloak programs, but this part remains a mystery to me.(Postscript, mystery solved: I had the Devices listing on the regular finder window on "Hide" so big surprise it was hidden, self-slap to forehead here)... Anyhow once I dismounted via Pathfinder, the rest of your instructions worked perfectly.

Thank you.

I have followed the nice instructions on the newly released pdf, and all went well until I tried to import the sparsebundle folder leftover from Esp 2 into Esp 3. I was asked for the password, but entering the one that used to open the folder in Esp 2 produces an incorrect password error message.

Any suggestions?

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