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Started by Jason, June 02, 2012, 08:15:50 AM

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I have a number of test folders that I've deleted from Dropbox because they would not sync. Now my Espionage 3 Menu bar has folders with "Mountpoint MIssing" How do I get rid of these folders?


When I try to force remove from database, I get the message, "Couldn't move disk image" _________.sparsebundle couldn't be moved to desktop because either the former doesn't exist or the folder containing the latter doesn't exist"


There is no way to navigate to the mount point because I moved it to the trash and deleted it when the Dropbox sync was not working.


Resolved by deleting the database file in Application Support


Hello Jason,
You are not supposed to deleted related files from Finder and then try to remove them from Espionage, but the other way around, first remove them from Espionage and then from Finder, but we are aware of this limitation and a fix will be added in future releases, it will be possible to remove the folder from Espionage no matter what.

Thanks for your input,

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