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Espionage 3 / Lifetime license for V2 does not work with V3
« on: October 28, 2013, 11:48:58 PM »
My lifetime license stopped working when I upgraded to Version 3 of Espionage.
I purchased the lifetime license for Espionage 2 on Oct 15 2010. I just downloaded Version 3.5.2 from your website (not Apple's App Store). But when I attempt to drag in the license file to the "Drop your license file here" window, I get an error dialog that says "Sorry this is not a valid license".

Thinking something was amiss with the file, I had Tao Effects email me a copy of the lifetime license file. But the new one has the same problem.

Please tell me how to activate the version 3.5.2 with my lifetime license.

Thank You,
Jay Cowan

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