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Title: Re: 3.5 and application "association"
Post by: zsolt on June 03, 2013, 02:53:13 PM

You can protect a folder and have no association at all. Simply the folder is protected, when you unlock it the data is accessible when you lock it, the data is protected.
The application association is referring to the Espionage 2 functionality which was so far missing from version 3, it is kind of an automation, when you unlock a folder then it will trigger the application to launch, say, whenever you unlock a folder containing your tax spreadsheets, this means you want to work on them, and for example Excel will be needed, so to save you one click, when you unlock the folder, this will also launch Excel for you.

You cannot protect single email, you can either protect all your email data or nothing, as Espionage protection is folder based, so it will protect the folder in which all your emails reside.

let me know if it is still unclear.

Title: Re: 3.5 and application "association"
Post by: zsolt on June 04, 2013, 01:16:29 AM
When we say "protect an application" (again, this term was really valid only in Espionage 2) we mean, protect all the folders in which that particular application is storing user data. To make the things simpler, the Espionage 2 had so called application templates which would have a list of folders which have to be protected in order to protect all the user data for that particular application, as one app might store user data in several folders, not only in one. So if you would pick to protect Safari for example, it would encrypt the bookmarks, history and some other folders (I'm speaking from the top of my head, but it is solely for better understanding).
When you would launch the application, Espionage would intercept this, first unlock all the associated folders and the allow app to launch.
But since the "reopen windows on logon" feature appeared in OS X, we cannot hook early enough to intercept the app launch, so the feature was removed from Espionage 3.

Now to bring it back at least in some way, the folder actions were introduced. But now it is you to take care to add the folders related to app manually. If you have problems finding the proper folders, just let me know.

But you still cannot use the  "reopen windows on logon" if you protected app folders, as the original problem still remains. So stay away from it, and to launch safari for example, or mail, just unlock the proper folder and all will happen for you.

I hope this helps