Encrypted folders/files and Espionage 2 no longer works!

Started by dtully, January 06, 2016, 06:01:36 PM

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I have Espionage 2.8.13 and have not needed to look at some files in a few folders for some time. However, now that I need to reopen them, I get a message that Espionage can't communicate with Espionagehelper and the folders are still encrypted and not opening. While just now coming to see the "demise" of Espionage 2 in light of Apple Apps and the release of Espionage 3, can anyone help me get back on track and access my locked out folders/files?!? Would installing Espionage 3 do the trick?!?


Hello, Espionage 2 is not compatible with OS X since Maverick and, we informed all our registered users about this almost two years ago.

There is a way to recover your data but requires some time and patience. First you have to recover your data, and then uninstall Espionage 2. Once you did all that, you can go ahead and download espionage 3 from http://www.espionageapp.com and add your folder back to it. Espionage 3 is fully compatible with Maverick and Yosemite and is actively developed and supported.

Here is what to do:

- download the following software http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/24682/ivisible 
- launch it, and click on "make files visible" button (in case OS X does not allow to launch ivisible, you have to go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy, click on padlock icon in lower left corner and authenticate, then under General Tab, under "Allow apps downloaded from" select anywhere, wait for confirmation window, and then try to launch iVisible again)
- now revisit the protected folder and you will see a disk image inside, named same as the folder name, but having a dot in front of the name
- dobleclick it, it should ask you for password, enter it, and the image will mount as a volume, like for example an USB stick would mount
- open it and you will access to all your files
- copy them out, unmount the volume and delete the protected folder containing the disk image you just opened

once you have all your data back, you should uninstall Espionage 2. You can try either by selecting Uninstall option from Espionage's Espionage menu, or if that does not work, then you can manually remove all the files, here is a list:
Note that some files are in your home Library folder and some in your root Library folder. Your home Library folder is hidden since Lion, to enter into it from Finder, switch to Finder, hold down the option key and select Library from the list of "places to go".:

/Users/[your username]/Library/Application Support/Espionage
/Users/[your username]/Library/LaunchAgents/com.taoeffect.EspionageHelper.plist
/Users/[your username]/Library/Services/EspionageMenu.service (might not exist)
/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.taoeffect.Espionage.plist (might not exist)
/Library/PrivilegedHelperTools/com.taoeffect.Espionage (might not exist)

once you removed the files/folder, please reboot your Mac

Let me know if you get stuck.

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