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Title: My folder disappear HELP!
Post by: veneriojavier on July 31, 2017, 05:09:09 PM
Hi! Sorry for my English because I speak spanish.

I have this problem today. I had a folder with photos protected by Espionage in an external drive.
Today I tried restore it but in the middle of the process something happened and the process end.

Now I have 2 folder with 2 o 3 photos (I had thousands-altos 500gb) in the external drive. The other photos never showed.

So I tried to do it again but in the espionage it does´t appear the folder!!!

I tried to search where are my files and I discovered in the Recycle bin of the mac a file with the name xxxxxx.sparsebundle

When I put this file in the espionage ask me for a password that i don´t remember because I never needed.

I don´t know if I could explain myself. Someone could helpme please?

Title: Re: My folder disappear HELP!
Post by: zsolt on July 31, 2017, 08:59:17 PM
Hello Javier,

first of all do not delete anything or empty the trash.
It is a bit strange that you found the sparsebundle in the trash it should have been on your desktop.
But never mind, just make sure you do not delete it.

But there should also be a file named 2xxxxxx password do not delete.txt" this file should also be on the desktop. The password is there.

Please let me know if you found it, and then I will give you further instructions,