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Also, I discovered that 12Gb of the 'other' data was back ups of iOS apps in my iTunes.
There's no Espionage folder in there. I think I probably used AppZapper to uninstall E2. Would that have been a bad idea?
Mmm, can't find any sparse bundles or images but the icon in the menubar has disappeared since I created this thread? Maybe when I deleted the plist? Transmission works again without error message. Still have 37gb of mystery data on my hdd. Presumably not espionage related.
Yeah, it's a pain. I don't doubt I'll want more than 120Gb in the future but I'm counting on there being a market demand for expert solderers who can swap out SSDs.
Thanks, I'll give it a go. The retina screen is beautiful btw.
Ok, so I was using E3 on a mid 2009 MacBook Pro and I just bought a 2012 Retina Screen.

I migrated everything over from a time machine back up on a NAS drive and now E3 is acting weird. I was scared something would go wrong so I unencrypted my folders before backing up and migrating but E3 seems to think that I still have an encrypted folder? I get an error message saying it cannot be found when I try to launch Transmission (it used to be linked to Transmission and would auto lock when I shut down the program). Transmission won't open now. I also have a useless icon in the menubar that just has an option to 'open transmission' but it does nothing if you click on it...

Also, this may be unrelated but I have 37Gb of 'other data' that I can't identify that is clogging up my HDD. This couldn't be hidden transmission folders can they?

How can I fix this?