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How to access Espionage2 encrypted files on a different system

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My macbook is probably dead (2007, running mountain lion)
My files are backed up with time machine (and my macbook's hard drive is probably fine)
So I'll need to access the all the files I encrypted using espionage 2, on a different system (running an os that supports Espionage2).
I barely remember installing espionage 2 (it was a long time ago!) and don't think I have installation files
Is there somewhere I can download and install Espionage2, in order to open those folders?
Then I can (finally) get round to moving to Espionage3

Thanks for your thoughts,

Hello Stephen, I would not advise to install Espionage 2, simply access the disk images directly:

- download the following software 
- launch it, and click on "make files visible" button (in case OS X does not allow to launch ivisible, you have to go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy, click on padlock icon in lower left corner and authenticate, then under General Tab, under "Allow apps downloaded from" select anywhere, wait for confirmation window, and then try to launch iVisible again)
- now revisit the protected folder and you will see a disk image inside, named same as the folder name, but having a dot in front of the name
- dobleclick it, it should ask you for password, enter it, and the image will mount as a volume, like for example an USB stick would mount
- open it and you will access to all your files
- copy them out, unmount the volume and delete the protected folder containing the disk image you just opened

once you have all your data, put them in folders they will reside later, download espionage 3 from run through the setup and add the folder to Espionage.

If you need further assistance, please let me know.


Thank you - it might be a week or two before I get to try it

Time is all yours :-)


Thank you for your help so far.

When I open the encrypted folder after downloading and installing ivisible, I see the standard 3 files "this folder contains encrypted data" "It is controlled by Espionage" "Do not modify it in this state"
I also see 3 (previously invisible) folders:


opening .foldername.sparsebundle  asked for a password, which I have input, but I can't find what has happened next, or where it has opened it to - what am I missing?

Cheers, all the best, Stephen


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