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Mistake while upgrading from 2.8 to 3.5

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Hi there,
to make it short - I have a huge problem!

I had several problems accessing the content of my secured folder since updating to Mavericks. So I decided to download v3.5. When asked what to do with the program, I've chosen "replace" instead of "keep both".

Whatever I do now, the secured folder (which definitely had contend. Really important content for me) remains empty. I tried this "make visible" app but there is nothing to see... no sparse bundle, no sparseimage.

Cany anybody help to get my data back?


Hello Josh, it is a bit hard to determine exactly the state of the mess, but let's start with searching for disk images.
If we find any, then we can move one cleaning up the Espionage 2 and recovering the data, if we find none, then you decide what to do next...

Here is a terminal command which will search through your home folder, using admin privileges.
If Espionage 2 still keeps track of those folders, it might be that a prompt for password will pop up when the find command tries to enter into the folder, or if you wish, we can remove Espionage 2 first....

here are the commands (after each line, hit enter to execute it), start terminal and enter

sudo find . -name *.sparsebundle -print

note, that due to sudo command, it will ask you for your account password, you will see nothing while entering it, but that is OK, just type it in, and hit enter, and wait for find command to finish, ie. that you get back the prompt.

Let me know if it found something.

Good luck

Hi Zsolt,

 :) I found something... a .sparsbundle file on top level of my folder.
So I followed the next steps in the PDF guide and it worked well!

You saved my (data) life!



Be careful with data and Espionage. V3 is even more secure then V2 and make sure you do not get locked out.
Master password is all you have to remember and make regular backups, and you will be fine.

I'm glad it ended well.

In case of any questions, just let me know.



Basically, the same thing happened to me...

I upgraded from OS X Mountain Lion to OS X Yosemite.  Things weren't working correctly in E2, I couldn't seem to unlock my folders, etc.  Then to make the problem worse, I downloaded the Espionage 3 trial and overwrote Espionage 2.

I have back-ups on an external drive.  I'm mostly wondering how to get Espionage 2 back up and running as I don't see a place to download it from your website.

UPDATE:  OK, I've restored E2 from time machine and it appears to be partially working as it was previously.  However, I can't successfully unlock either of the 2 folders it's protecting.  One folder it appeared to unlock for the folder is empty.  The other folder it won't even bring the password dialog box.  When I try to unlock it it just opens with the 2 folders that say "This folder contain encrypted data it is controlled by espionage do not modify it in this state".

I still the E2 back-ups on an external drive.

My understanding is that if I can't unlock these folders from E2 that I can't access them in E3?  Please help.


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