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I've contacted 1Password. I'll let you know what they say, if and when they get back to me.


I've just taken a look at the attempts. More than 20 apps have asked for access. Many of them have asked for access to the Espionage folder and no other. Many have asked for access to other folders.

For example, 1Password has asked only for access to this folder and no others. On the other side, Malwarebytes has asked for access to Espionage and four other folders, Google, Firefox, Safari and its own folder. But then that would not be unexpected.

I'd have to say then that no, the apps do not ask for other unexpected folders.

Other requests for the Espionage folder have come from the likes of helpd, mapspushd, ksfetch, parsedc, Posterino, Barsoom, BetterZip and swcd.

Frankly, I can't see any real pattern, the only common item being Espionage.

I've been beta testing F-Secure's XFENCE (formerly Little Flocker) and have found that multiple apps including 1Password,  ClamXAV Sentry and Little Snitch all request access to ~/Library/Application Support/Espionage.

What possible need would there be for this?

I'm reluctant to grant such permission without knowing the reason.

Any ideas?

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