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I downloaded the trial of Espionage 3.6 and have been becoming familiar with it. With several different internal/external volumes mounted on my Mac, one of the things I successfully tested is saving the data file (sparsebundle) of a folder on an external volume to the same external volume. However, something that stands out to me is that I feel this may somewhat undermine the value of the plausible deniability feature. Unlike in the default ~/Library/Application Support/com.taoeffect.Espionage3/Data folder, there are no "fake" sparsebundle files in these other data file locations. I considered copying the ones the wizard process created at first launch to this location. However, that strikes me as problematic as well as I believe the duplication would undermine the intent of the randomness of these fake files.

Is there anyway you could add a preferences option that would allow a user to use the same wizard process/interface to generate additional fake sparsebundles in other data file locations?