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Title: Deleting Espionage2 icon
Post by: caillou on May 31, 2012, 12:30:02 AM
I purchased Espionage 3, but before I installed it, I deleted my Espionage 2.
My problem is that the little "lock" icon in the menu bar at the top is still there.
So now I have two "lock" icons in my menu bar. How do I delete the Espionage 2 icon?

Title: Re: Deleting Espionage2 icon
Post by: greg on May 31, 2012, 05:12:33 PM
Caillou, this is our fault, we did not make it easy to upgrade from 2 to 3. You'll have to redownload Espionage 2 (http://http://www.taoeffect.com/espionage/download/Espionage.dmg), and then you can move the application to the Desktop and rename it "Espionage 2" if you want. Then open it, and in the Preferences click the "Stop" button. If you've already encrypted folders with Espionage 3 do not uninstall Espionage 2 using its uninstaller, you will lose your Espionage 3 data if you do that (this is something that we'll fix in the next 3.0.1 update). If you haven't encrypted anything yet with Espionage 3, you can choose "Uninstall Espionage..." from the Espionage menu. Again: if you *do* have data in Espionage 3, click the "Stop" button instead (in the Preferences).