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Thanks a lot Greg.

I think I will have a work around so that I do not need the full 800+ gigz all at once, by breaking up the folders and encrypting them with disk utility and then espionage for security and then others just using espionage.  I was doing more reading of your help file and found more information on encryption etc.   :D

Very cool for number 2.  That way if the hard drives end up in the wrong hands they cannot get to them.

I do use the backup available on any application and I have always used it just in case a needed restore is in order.  I have had to restore from when I was on a PC so backup is second nature.   :)

Thanks for all your help and again an excellent application.



I came across your application today at Apple's Website and immediately downloded it and installed it and have spent my day locking all my important folders.  I love Espionage!!  This is an outstanding application.  I can say I will be purchasing it in next few days.

So, I have a couple of questions, but firstly the most important one.

1.)  I have 26 hard drives that contain my work folders. Two hard drives are internal and the others are external's that I do not keep connected to my Mac Pro or Mini Mac at all times.  

On one of the internal hard drives which is a two terabyte drive, is one of my work folders and is over 800 Gigabytes.  Is it possible for me to lock the whole folder without running into any problems?  This is not an applications folder but I work in CS4 Extended and use the files in the folder.  I wanted to ask before I tried as I felt it was better asking before running into problems, IF there was going to be any.

2.)  On external drives that do not stay connected to the computer at all times is it possible to lock the folders using Espionage?

3.)  I sync with MobileMe, does Espionage have any problems syncing with MobileMe?  

I read everything I could find on using and getting acquainted with Espionage and it answered most of my questions except the ones above.

Thanks for such an outstanding application and any help.


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