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Title: Address Book template - double listings appeared after crash
Post by: DTMBoulder on February 24, 2011, 07:33:24 PM
I'm using the trial version of Espionage on a PPC running OSX 10.5.8.

In practicing with the software, I used the Espionage template for Address Book. I had a system crash. When I re-booted, there suddenly appeared in my Address Book, 2 of everything. Now I have 28 "groups" instead of 14, and 1400+ cards instead of 700+.

What am I to do? How do I revert back to the correct number of groups and cards?


My Remedy Attempt: Initially I tried to just select every other "group" in the list and delete them, thinking that the cards would get deleted as well.... It didn't work. The Groups are gone but the double cards remain, and when I click on a card, the "highlight" won't stay on half of the listings. I'll click on a listing and the highlight "bounces" immediately to the next listing. I suppose I caused this when I deleted the corresponding Group from the list, but what is the remedy to get me back to where I was? How do I disable this? I don't need it. My system already backs up everything. Why do I need Espionage to back up? It seems redundant.


UPDATE: System froze again... re-boot.... now I have FOUR of everything in my Address Book. HELP!!
Title: Re: Address Book template - double listings appeared after c
Post by: greg on February 28, 2011, 05:26:37 AM
Hi DTMBoulder,

Sorry for the late response, I just returned from some travel.

In Address Book, choose "Look for Duplicates..." from the Card menu, that should hopefully fix the issue.

Kind regards,
Greg, Tao Effect