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How do you feel about our "source available for professionals" policy?

I think ya'll did a good job balancing transparency with financial realities.
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I honestly do not care either way, but I care enough to tell you that I don't care.
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Sorry, I don't know enough to provide you with an educated opinion on the matter.
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I think you should've made the source available to everyone, and I'll post my reasoning in this thread!
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I think you should've made the source available to everyone, and I'll remain silent about my reasons just to mess with you!
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Author Topic: POLL: How's our "source available" policy?  (Read 2762 times)


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POLL: How's our "source available" policy?
« on: February 27, 2014, 01:13:59 AM »
Instead of giving out Espionage's source to anyone who wants it, we've chosen to offer Espionage's source to proven security professionals only, free of charge, and even with a complimentary license if they need it for their review.

We chose this route for the following reasons:

  • We cannot update Espionage without enough license sales.
  • We cannot provide you with professional support without enough license sales.

Without your financial support (a purchased license), Espionage would be either dead completely, or it would be like TrueCrypt (which is free and open source, but unusable).

We're happy with our current balance of "open for professionals" vs "closed enough to stay alive", but I personally am curious to hear your opinion. Feel free to share it with us here.

(If you'd like more info before making your choice, read through this blog post.)
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