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Author Topic: SOLVED — Lost access to preferences  (Read 1858 times)


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SOLVED — Lost access to preferences
« on: February 04, 2014, 06:36:35 PM »
UPDATE: Ok, there *is* an application menu; it's just not visible when the app first launches (at least in my case, as the app asks for a master password on launch.) If I switch away from the app, and then back, I _do_ finally get a set of application windows.

Hi all,

I switched Espionage 3 from "menubar item" to "window", from the Preference. (I did this, hoping to find a set of application windows that could be accessed by Keyboard Maestro.)

Restarting the app, I get a window — but it seems I've completely lost access to all application menus. I can't even access the preferences any longer to switch it back to a menubar item.

Can someone help? Thanks so much, in advance!
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