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Hi , i did not have library/application support/espionage folder? Look in finder Library/Application thru finder cant find it. Anything i missed here?

I already decrypt the folder and it has become picture.sparsebundle file.
It prompt me a document password (delete it!).txt but its empty inside.

Now I only have the picture.sparsebundle file. When I click on it prompt for password , where do I get the password ? My espionage password does not work! This is just the first day I am using this app :(

I was forced to decrypt because it failed to mount the folder to disk when I try to unlock the folder. Any solution??? I wan to get back my file. OMG

Espionage 3 / How to retrieve .sparsebundle password and unlock it ?
« on: June 11, 2012, 07:11:08 PM »
I want to know how to unlock the folder? All my photo is in there !

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