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Quote from: zsolt on January 17, 2013, 12:54:29 PM
Hello Alberto,
I'm not an encryption expert but the images are protected with 256bit AES encryption, the same Apple uses for file vault (AFAIK) and the passphrase is very secure, this is one example X!EHU[r#CE7v;.'Lc'Xma3tjd1"ma7, as you see the passwords are random and therefore probably hard to crack.
I believe it would be easier to crack your master password and gain access to the database where the disk image passwords are stored.
Regarding your feature request i will submit it to the product management and they will decide if it will get a go at some point or not.
Thanks for your input.

I'm not sure you noticed, but you never answered Alberto's question. He wanted to know how easy it would be to crack the master password not the image password. Is the master password also 256 bit encrypted? If the database containing the sparse image passwords is not encrypted as strongly as the sparse image, then the encryption level of the sparse image is meaningless. Are you saying the master password is easier to crack because it is generated by the user and may not be as random as the passphrase for the sparse image?