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Found it.

- make sure Espionage is not started, and move the disk images away from the Library/Application Support/com.taoeffect.Espionage3/Data folder, boot again and see what happens

Same dialog appears asking to unlock the disk image.

- add another folder to Espionage, one which contains dummy data, and see upon boot it asks for that disk image password too.

It doesn't.

or you can just try the lsof command once you unlocked the disk image, please do this before any application is launched.

Oddly, trying the Espionage password in that dialog doesn't open the sparsebundle (yes, I've confirmed it's asking for the same sparsebundle). Tried it 3 times and it kept coming back and asking for it.

If I lsof directly after booting, with the error dialog on the screen, nothing is listed as using the sparsebundle. If I unlock it via Espionage, only Espionage processes are shown to be using it.

Looking through Console logs I noticed an entry referring to 1Password, then it hit me: 1Password mini. It runs as a login item, but doesn't show in the Users>Login Items section of System Prefs. I store my keychain in the encrypted folder. There are other applications that do things this way to, so YMMV.

Applications > 1Password>(right click) Show Package Contents > Contents > Library > Login Items > 1Password mini

Removed it from the Login Items folder and the dialog went away. Of course I put it back, since it will cause a functionality issue if I don't, but at least I know the culprit.

Well, just tested removing everything from the login items that were in the sparsebundle and the Espionage startup item, to no avail. Still got the dialog. So it must be some other trigger.

I'm on Mac OS 10.9.2. in case that's useful.

Having the same issue, though rather than canceling the dialog endlessly I just unlock Espionage first. If I cancel after that the dialog just goes away.

At first I suspected Dropbox and/or Evernote, both of which install their helper apps to open at login automatically. I keep both the parent applications in my sparsebundle. I tried removing them as login items figuring they were the cause of the sparsebundle request, but I was still getting the dialog. Also, once I open my Espionage folder and those applications (using folder actions) they just reinstall themselves. Still not 100% convinced they aren't responsible. Maybe a combo of them and Espionage startup item?

@Teiwaz: do you have a Dropbox or Espionage folder in your sparsebundle as well?

The real trouble with the unlock request for the sparsebundle is that it really brings attention to its presence. Hard to plausibly deny it then.

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