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Hello Greg, thanks for your reply.
Quoting Wikipedia:
"Passwords or passphrases created by humans are often short or predictable enough to allow password cracking."
I do agree 100%,   common people do not want to remember too many different lengthy "easy to remember" passwords... this is the reason why applications such as "Password Gorilla" or "1Password" are so popular.
I am happy to hear  E3 is using a powerful encrypting engine to protect the Master Password ( SCRYPT) provided it is long and complex enough....., took time but my initial question is answered, thanks. ( You may want to make this fact visible in your marketing material?)
Now, my original request was to make things simpler for common people to choose the length or password they want ( read Wikipedia entry above) then having your E3 application protecting it by delaying access to E3 every time a wrong password is entered, just a simple feature request to enhance E3 ( btw implemented in iOS to protect "Restrictions"; TE blog does not allow to upload pics). Free (ex) E3 user feedback, thanks.
thanks again for your reply, some comments:
-Nowhere I said I want to "hide" files from anyone, hiding files is so simple, you don´t really need an app for that... and well, you hide files not for security reasons, maybe just to visually clean your desktop or maybe by not mistakenly delete an important file.
-I purchased E3 hoping it would help easy management of Vaults created to protect my data, after so many emails with Zsolt I realized E3 is so cumbersome and dangerous to use I decided to uninstall it, wish I could get a refund... good think there are options, so now I am happily using Macfort together wish Script-Timer.
-I am affraid at Tao Effects you do not like to listen to your customers, I was telling something to Zsolt then he thought I was saying something else, then I am telling something to Greg and he thinks I am saying something completely different... hope four months form now another TE developer looks at this post and gets the point: make things simple for common people to use ( I said common, not dumb...)
-Please learn to listen to your customers and stop believing you have a ´Great Application´ that "common people" does not deserve...
-Good luck.
Thanks to "usergnome" for capturing the essence of the question, and to TaoEffect Team to follow-up though you may be still missing the point... fact is that common people we are lazy to learn lengthy passwords ( or maybe it is only me?) so either we use "Password Gorilla" or similar to keep track of 100`s of passwords... my initial point is requesting a mechanism to deter the cracker from guessing "simple passwords" entered by "common people" (  similar to the mechanism implemented by Apple in iOS ) ... so say I define a Master Password which is 4 character long then such mechanism should deter people from cracking this password by delaying access to the application longer every time entered password fails... understand this puts pressure on the programmer to code this mechanism into E3 otherwise you are asking users to learn lengthy "easy to remember" passwords...  for sure these once encrypted by SCRYPT will take forever to crack... just trying TaoEffect Team to make life easier for "common people"... TaoEffect Team will you give it a try?
Thansk Zsolt,

I do appreciate any feedback on the status of this feature request, better if you could have a place in the blog showing status/progress of all E3 features already requested?

All the best,

Having E3 installed on two (or more) different Mac´s, is it possible to use E3 to mount a Network Drive afp sparesebundle at the same time on these two machines so they can be shared? ( sparesebundle created with E3)

It is possible to do so when sparesebundle is mounted as root ( please refer to below link), I´ve tried tried myself and worked ok, however could it possible to do it with E3 then no need of root and mount point could be defined with E3? ... D=11053053

Kindly please advise.

Espionage 3 / How easy is to crack E3 Master Password?
January 17, 2013, 04:39:22 AM
Dear Espionage 3 Team,

Assuming someone managed to get inside my Mac, may I ask you how easy would be for this person to crack E3 Master Password therefore gaining direct access to the images I´ve created (assuming I am not using plausible deniability)?
Could it be possible for you to implement a feature that protects the Master Password say, after 3 failed login attempts there will be a delay of 10 minutes to allow access attempts again, if it fails again then it will double the time to attempt login up to 20 minutes, and so on?
Thanks for your advise.