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Espionage 3 / Have I missed something or is there security missing?
« on: August 14, 2012, 08:59:16 PM »
Hi Guys!

I had to shutdown my Mac abnormally and after the restart Espionage could not mount the file I had under its control. The message in Console looked like this (skipped the full path):

"14/08/2012 21:37:59.968 Espionage: ERROR (+[DiskMaster mountDiskForFolderFace:silently:mountpoint:updateUI:error:]:433): mount failed for: file://localhost/Users/...... "

After scratching my head I fired up Disk Utility and mounted the sparsebundle file there and it did work without a problem, but I haven't been asked to enter passphrase?! Why is that? What sort of security is there if all one need is to get the file which is simply stashed away in ~/Library/Application%20Support/Espionage/Data/<UUID>.sparsebundle

Have I missed something in the security model of the application? If all there is to it is the unlock password for the UI, I think we can do much better with just encrypted sparsebundle. Please, tell me that I'm wrong and have missed something obvious here ;-)

By the way, after this manual mount/umount via Disk Utility, Espionage was able to mount the file again. Scratching my head.....  :?

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