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Espionage 3 / Re: Removing Folders and Uninstalling
« on: March 25, 2013, 03:46:14 AM »

I decrypted all folders and moved Espionage out of the applications folder and into to the trash, like you said. I made a backup of the decrypted files, then I restarted.

Every file in every folder that I had originally encrypted (and then decrypted) is now hidden and inaccessible, the way it was when it was encrypted. I'm unable to restore those files because espionage is 'uninstalled' in the trash.

I could move espionage back out of the trash and into applications and restart again to get Espionage working again. And I have the backups. But that's really not the point. My files shouldn't be hidden/inaccessible to me after I decrypted them and removed espionage. This needs to be resolved.

What should I do now?


Espionage 3 / Removing Folders and Uninstalling
« on: March 24, 2013, 05:44:18 PM »

I bought Espionage, and I've decided it doesn't work well for my workflow. I want to remove my previously encrypted directories from espionage's control, and then uninstall espionage.

After unencrypting all my encrypted folders, I can't find any way to remove them from espionage's control. (Each time I restart they're encrypted again). How do I remove an unencrypted folder from espionage all together?

I also want to uninstall. The FAQ says there's an 'Uninstall Espionage' option in the menu. I have no "File, Edit, View..." menu bar for Espionage, so I'm guessing this refers to the settings pulldown menu, but there's no option to uninstall there. So, how do I do this?



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