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Title: How to open a disk image backup
Post by: ebolieu on October 19, 2012, 03:18:58 PM

Question 1
I need to get document directly from the back up of the disk image in the "Application support" folder. I have the disk image (stored on an USB key), I reinstalled all my system.

How to open the encrypted image disk to get my files?
I tried my Espionage password an computer password, and it didn't work.

Question 2
I tell about espionage to my client because I like it. But I have a client who saved data in the unlock mode and the locked mode, so he have two version of the file (and he give me s**t about it, because I told him to buy Espionage).
We should not be able to save in the folder when it's lock

Title: Re: How to open a disk image backup
Post by: zsolt on October 20, 2012, 07:15:12 PM
Hello Eric,

Re question 1. if it is indeed Espionage 3 then the password for each protected folder, i.e. disk image, is generated by Espionage at the moment you add the folder to it. The password is very strong and probably not crackable.
You can access it by opening Espionage, selecting the folder, clicking on small "i" near the folder and clicking on "copy password" button, this will copy the password into clipboard, and you can save it into some password management application.
If you still have access to the database3 file which is in the Application Support/com.taoeffect.espionage3 folder then we can try to activate it so that you can get the password out.
Without password there is no way you can get access to data.

Re question 2.
It is a bit hard to determine what exactly did he do, but I suppose what happened is that he first saved the file when the folder was unlocked and then when it was locked. It is mind boggling at first but in fact it is easy to understand once explained.
When the folder is locked, the mountpoint folder, then one where the data appears when the folder is unlocked, appears empty, it is in fact empty and behaves just like a normal folder. You can copy or save a file into it, and it sits there just fine. However, when you unlock the folder, all the files which were saved the mountpoint folder disappear, i.e. they get "covered" by the data in the mounted disk image. Once you lock the folder, they appear again.
I find this a neat thing, because a protected folder does not reveal in any way that it is a special folder, and you can place some dummy files into it, which might mislead the intruder. The "real" files appear only when you unlock the folder.

Please let me know if this explains the thing. If my assumption is correct, then tell your user to open the newer file, delete the older, and save the newer into unlocked folder.