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Title: Invalid signature for com.taoeffect.ispy.kext
Post by: sjf_control on May 13, 2016, 03:52:50 PM
I am getting the following errors in the console app every 10 seconds...

5/13/16 10:38:11.518 com.apple.kextd[51]: Untrusted kexts are not allowed
5/13/16 10:38:11.518 com.apple.kextd[51]: ERROR: invalid signature for com.taoeffect.ispy.kext, will not load
5/13/16 10:38:11.000 kernel[0]: Kext com.taoeffect.ispy.kext not found for unload request.
5/13/16 10:38:11.530 com.apple.xpc.launchd[1]: (com.taoeffect.ispyd) Service only ran for 0 seconds. Pushing respawn out by 10 seconds.

Running Espionage 3.6.5, OS X 10.11.4

Is ispy still in use in Verson 3, or is this something left over from a previous version.

Title: Re: Invalid signature for com.taoeffect.ispy.kext
Post by: zsolt on May 13, 2016, 08:28:09 PM
Hello, ispy is from version 2 which was obviously not uninstalled properly.

here is a list of files to remove:
Note that some files are in your home Library folder and some in your root Library folder. Your home Library folder is hidden since Lion, to enter into it from Finder, switch to Finder, hold down the option key and select Library from the list of "places to go".:

/Users/[your username]/Library/Application Support/Espionage
/Users/[your username]/Library/LaunchAgents/com.taoeffect.EspionageHelper.plist
/Users/[your username]/Library/Services/EspionageMenu.service (might not exist)
/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.taoeffect.Espionage.plist (might not exist)
/Library/PrivilegedHelperTools/com.taoeffect.Espionage (might not exist)

once you removed the files/folder, please reboot your Mac

Let me know if you get stuck.