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Title: Delet vault after deleting folder
Post by: cdjr398 on November 28, 2015, 02:37:35 AM
I locked up a folder using Espionage 3. I then trashed it , using secure empty trash. I wanted to do that. My question is how do I get rid of the vault of the folder in Espionage 3. I get a "Critical Alert" when I try to open it. Thanks
Title: Re: Delet vault after deleting folder
Post by: zsolt on November 29, 2015, 07:10:39 AM
Hello, I'm not sure if I understood you correct, but I will try to explain/answer:

If you lock up a folder with Espionage 3, this means you added a regular folder to Espionage to encrypt. Now you trashed it, but I'm not sure to which one do you refer, the to original - this will be trashed automatically upon successful encryption, or you refer to the encrypted version of the folder, this one you cannot trash, if you trash the folder while it is locked, you will trash an empty folder i.e the mountpoint of the protected folder from Espionage's point of view, and if you try to unlock it, it will complain.

To properly trash a folder which was protected by espionage you right click onto the folder in the Espionage folder list, and select either decrypt folder, which will return the folder into it's original state, then you trash the folder as you would do with any other folder, or you can select "force remove from database" this will save the disk image (vault as you call it) onto Desktop together with the disk image password, you can then trash both the disk image and the password file.

I hope this helps, if i misunderstood something, let me know