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Author Topic: Using Chronosync (or similar apps) to synchronize folders  (Read 6640 times)


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Using Chronosync (or similar apps) to synchronize folders
« on: April 20, 2009, 11:21:08 PM »
Say you have Espionage installed on two computers on the same internal network, and you'd like to have an encrypted folder that's shared between these two computers. With normal folders you might use a program such as ChronoSync (with Apple File Sharing) to accomplish this task, but with Espionage, you can still use ChronoSync! There's just some things that you need to keep in mind:

  • On both machines, have ChronoSync added to Espionage's whitelist.
  • Only sync the folders when both the destination and the source folders are locked.
  • On the machine you're syncing to, before syncing, disable all of the encrypted folders that are about to be synced. This is only required if you're syncing across the network using Apple file sharing. If you're syncing to a folder that's on an attached USB or Firewire drive, the folder is already "disabled".
  • Never do a bi-directional sync on an encrypted folder, sync one way or the other only. You can switch directions at future syncs.

That's about it. To summarize the important points: make sure that ChronoSync (or your favorite synchronization app) is whitelisted, and that you only actually perform the sync operation when all folders that will be synced are locked (or disabled).
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