Password Prompt Appearing Too Frequently

Espionage takes many steps to prevent the password prompt from appearing uninvited. If it still appears then there's usually some setting (outside of Espionage) that you might need to adjust to prevent it from popping up.

Check first:

List View

If the Finder is in list view we are aware of two things that can cause the password prompt to appear repeatedly or uninvited.

Calculate all sizes

If you're getting the prompt repeatedly, check to make sure that the "Calculate all sizes" view option is turned off for *all* of the *parent* folders of the folder(s) that you're getting prompted for. This is a folder specific option, meaning it can be turned off inside of one folder, and turned on in another. An easy way to tell if it's off is if the Sizes column shows two dashes "--" for folder sizes.

To see if it's turned on, from the Finder's View menu, choose Show View Options. Remember to check *all* of the encrypted folders' parent folders (and their parent folders, etc.).

Disclosure Triangles

In list view, each folder in the list has a little gray triangle to the left of its name. If you click on it, the triangle will point downwards and will show you the folder's contents. Check to make sure that this triangle is pointing *right* for all of your locked folders.

If This Didn't Help

Get in contact with us and we'll help you out.