• Espionage does exactly what it claims to, and makes managing secure data remarkably easy.

    AppStorm Review

  • "5/5" - This app is simple and easy. Takes virtually no effort to set it up and use it. I love it and think its a must have if your a mac user and need some extra app security.

    Fuel Your Apps Review

  • The software is extremely easy to use and very effective - I would recommend it to all, novices and advanced users alike.

    Help Net Security Review

  • If you need or want certain folders or application data encrypted, Espionage is a great way to accomplish it. It works seamlessly, is very responsive, and very reliable.

    ZDNet's TechRepublic

  • Espionage is drop dead simple to use and adds an extra layer of flexibility and security on top of Appleā€™s built-in FileVault and Disk Utility options.

    Mac360 Mac App Reviews

  • As it goes with all Mac related searches, there is always a terrific application for each purpose. This time it's Espionage by The Tao Effect.

    Smoking Apples Review

User Testimonials

  • "Congratulations on crafting what looks like the best encryption app on the Mac"

    Miles W. via email

  • "This app allows me to do something I could never figure out before - password protect my email in Mail App. I definitely recommend this app for the paranoid among you or those who are interested in securing their important files. The tag says that this app replaces FileVault but I disagree. This blows FileVault away!"



  • "This is head and shoulders above other security apps out there. The kind of app it makes you glad you've got a Mac. I had a couple of issues, dropped the guys an email and they got straight back to be and resolved them. For such a new app, this really shows big promise, and a bargain too."



  • "Espionage is a GREAT app and the built-in backup is super fast and efficient. Than you for all your hard work!!!"

    Joe R. via email

  • "As a healthcare provider, maximum integrity and security of patient data is of paramount importance. Espionage leverages Apple's built-in OS technologies and exploits them into an exceptionally elegant, simple package that is extremely easy to use. This is hugely important in a busy practice—and the support is just amazing!"

    Center for Integrated Medicine of Massachusetts, LLC

  • "Thanks for this great software. I just bought it and will recommend it to my friends. Your program addresses a big privacy hole in email that has existed at least since I started using Eudora in the early 90s. It never made sense that they required a password to send mail but not to view your inbox. Apple Mail continues this weakness but Espionage has provided an elegant work-around. Same problem for iPhoto. Espionage really has tons of potential."

    Tim N. via email