• View Screenshot Protect Individual Folders

    Until now it has been surprisingly difficult to password protect a folder on Mac OS X. Now, Espionage is here to solve that problem for good. By encrypting only what is necessary, Espionage lets you stay secure while avoiding the penalties of encrypting too much.

  • View Screenshot Protect Application Data

    Many applications can inadvertently store valuable private information without encrypting it. Espionage is the only security tool for the Mac that lets you selectively secure application data like email and chat history. Click the play button above to see this in action!

Unobtrusive and intuitive, Espionage is the most advanced encryption solution for Mac OS X, yet easiest to use. Espionage lets you encrypt individual folders and application data, and interact with them straight from the Finder.

  • Seamless Finder Integration Espionage provides you with a simple to use interface to configure your protected folders and then gets out of the way. Once a folder is protected, simply double-click on it in the Finder and enter your password at the prompt to unlock it. It's that easy. See other ways of locking and unlocking Espionage'd folders.

  • AES-128+256 Bit Encryption Espionage uses the same powerful AES-128 encryption used by Apple's FileVault, but in addition to AES-128, Espionage includes support for AES-256, for those truly important files. Even the National Security Agency (NSA) has stated that it can be used to protect TOP SECRET classified information.

  • Built-in Backups Espionage comes with built-in backups, custom-fitted for the way it works with folders. This means it no longer matters whether the folder is locked, or unlocked. Espionage will backup your folders safely and efficiently, making it easy to restore them later if disaster strikes.

  • Encryption-less Protection Espionage can securely protect important data through encryption. But it can also insecurely guard unimportant data. For example, you might have a collection of videos that you don't want your grandma to have access to but don't care enough about to encrypt. Espionage can put a password on that folder in a flash without touching its contents.

How does Espionage stack up to the competition?

Espionage Knox FileVault
Encryption AES-128/AES-256 (Apple disk image) AES-128/AES-256 (Apple disk image) AES-128 (Apple disk image)
Selective Encryption Yes Yes No
Spotlight Support Yes Yes Yes
Encrypts app data like email? Yes No Yes
Encrypted folders? Yes No No
Encryption-less protection? Yes No No