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If you need assistance with a specific Tao Effect product, please use the appropriate support form. Media inquiries may be directed to contact at this domain.

What is Tao Effect?

Tao Effects occur all around you, in you, all the time. This is just one of them. We hope it's a pleasant experience.

What We Stand For.

Software is our passion. We do lots of things, but right now we're focusing on protecting your data—even when you've got a gun to your head. Our goal is to write software that enhances the user's experience in ways that haven't been done before.

The Company

  • Greg Slepak

    Founder + "Master Chef"

    Greg Slepak's primary area of expertise is in software development. He's written software in a variety of languages, on a variety of platforms, for a variety of purposes. When he's not coding he's busy learning about how everything works.

  • John Ashenden

    Web Designer/Developer

    John Ashenden (John with an H) is both an experienced graphic designer and web developer. Based out of Gainesville, FL, John has had the luxury of working on several large projects and continues to pour his heart and soul into every pixel.